Earth Medicine acknowledges that there is a connection between all things.  The health of one area of the planet will affect the health of another area.  Toxins in the environment effect us, and we effect the earth with our health and balance or lack of balance.  Medicine for the Earth is a system or methodology developed by Sandra Ingerman, a shamanic pracitioner for 20 years and international teacher on shamanism and soul retrieval.  Sandra was searching for the ways that people cleaned the environment of toxins using spiritual methods, methods known to us before the advent of technology.

Her study led her to see a core similarity between the various techniques used in ancient times to bring the environment into a healthy state of balance.  As within so without, by bringing ourselves into balance and merging fully with our power as creators we effect the world around us.  The ceremonies she has performed in her Medicine for the Earth Gatherings have cleaned infected water, showing repeated results.  Participants in the ceremonies do not touch or interact with the water, but instead by connecting fully with a higher power, or recognizing the own power within themselves they bring themselves into balance during the ceremony and the water is healed.

Medicine for the Earth offers not only healing for the Earth, but also for ourselves and for others.  It offers techniques to maintain balance for our life and our daily living as well a methods for transmuting the environment around us.  Through transfiguration we can transform ourselves into a state in which we are at our most powerful, our most compassionate, and our most healing to the environment around us.