There are various workshops that I have taught, developed, or have been qualified to teach.  Most classes/trainings are offered in the Chicagoland area, including Joliet.  Some are residential, where you stay on site for learning in order to deepen the learning process.

Other than Introduction to Journeying, I only offer classes once a year or every other year.  You can also invite me to teach your group.  I have discussed teaching in Southern IL, and the St. Louis area.  If you are outside the Chicagoland / Joliet / NW Indiana area, there is a minimum number requirement for me to travel to your location, and someone must be willing to coordinate with the students in the area and arrange for facilities.

To see a description of workshops, put your mouse over the workshop menu and click on each for a description.

Go to my schedule page to see the workshops I have scheduled.

Workshops Descriptions:

Medicine for the Earth | Intro To ShamanismShamanism and Creation | Shamanic Art MakingShamanic Extraction | Death and Dying | Soul RetrievalTransfiguration | Healing with Spiritual Light