Darkness is the prima materia, the beginning place. The seed is sheltered in the darkness of the soil before it emerges into being. And if light was the first act of creation, the most primal creative act also emerged from darkness.

In this workshop you will learn a shamanic technique to return to the primal origin place where all acts of creation begin: darkness. Through the journey method taught in class you will retrieve creative seeds from the darkness, and then return to express them through the creation of art – in this case images. The image making tools will be crayon and paper, to keep the image making process simple and un-intimidating. Art making skill is not required or needed.

If you are skilled with another media suchas pencil, charcoal or pastels you may bring and use the media. Keep in mind that the focus is on learning the journey method. You will be creating art in an altered state of consciousness, so you don’t want a media that requires fuss or care. You want to be able to draw / color without thinking.