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EarthBLISS was created for you.

Why?  Because shamanic techniques can return people to their full power.

As you work to find the path your meant to be on, or learn ways to grown and strengthen on that path, you can read spiritual growth articles or  sign up for EarthBLISS classes to give you tools on your journey.

Shamanic healing is an ancient and powerful healing method.  Schedule a session with me if you are seeking a healing that can help you move forward, past the blocks you may be experience at this time.  My name is Lauren Torres, and I’ve been a practitioner of shamanism since 1999.

Lauren Torres

My goals is to help with your empowerment by providing avenues for personal growth, offering tools that honor your own unique spirit.

Shamanism is an ancient practice, it is a healing art which has been used throughout the world.  For centuries shamans have returned us to ourselves, have returned us to the wisdom of the earth.  In a time that is changing so fast that we cannot wrap our minds around it, we need to reconnect.  Shamanism is connection, and it can connect us to who we are.

EarthBLISS LLC – Shamanic Teaching and Healing

EarthBLISS LLC offers a variety of services including shamanic healing, and classes on shamanism, transfiguration, and earth medicine offered by Lauren Torres in the Chicagoland area.  The purpose of EarthBLISS is to help individuals to create positively in their lives.

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EarthBLISS LLC, became an LCC in 2018.

Shamanic Practice

Shamans throughout history have been healers.  They connected with the elemental forces that has always been present in our world and then brought the healing of that through to their community.  The amazing part is that the core of this practice has remained the same for centuries and yet the practice has adapted itself to the time and place.  The core methods used by these healers in one part of the world, are the same used in all of the others.

Shamans work with energy.  Have you ever felt the force of someone’s anger hit you like it was a real thing?  Have you ever felt how peaceful it can be in the presence of someone you love?  We get ulcers when we worry, we get backaches from our stress.  Somehow our emotions get stored into our bodies.  Shamans work with this energy we have stored, and move it out of our body, or they transmute it into substances that are healing instead of toxic.

Shamans also perform soul retrieval.  Shamans believe that pieces of our soul can leave our bodies, in order to protect our essence from traumatic experiences.  When you say, “I was never the same after the car accident…”, “Part of me died when my son died…”,  a shaman would interpret that as symptoms of soul loss.  They would journey outward and go retrieve the lost soul of their client.  It is a technique used in Siberia, South America, Africa… all over the world.  When a soul part is returned, the individual has more power to draw on in their lives.

Medicine for the Earth

Earth Medicine acknowledges that there is a connection between all things.  The health of one area of the planet will affect the health of another area.  Toxins in the environment effect us, and we effect the earth with our health and balance or lack of balance.  Medicine for the Earth is… read more.