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I know its good to hear what others have to say about a healer or teacher, so I’ve asked my students and clients for some testimonials and will begin to include these here:

“Lauren Torres, a brilliant shamanic teacher”
Sandra Ingerman, Transmutation News, May 2011 (author of Soul Retrieval)

Comments from Paul M.:

Lauren’s course on Shamanism and Creation has had a profound effect on me.  My experiences were visually amazing and I felt I had traveled to a realm were our universe is constantly coming into existence. I highly recommend it for those who have already taken her introductory course.

Regardless of the seminar you choose, I am sure you will enjoy it because of Lauren’s well-grounded experience in Shamanic Practices.  Her gentle guidance moves you in the right direction without detracting from the personal aspect of your journey.”

Comments from B. Feldman:

Lauren Torres led a shamanic drumming evening and then an introductory shamanic journeying workshop that I participated in. I came to the drumming event on the recommendation of a friend. At both of these events Lauren impressed me deeply as being empathic, broad-minded, grounded, knowledgeable of shamanic practice, and skilled at meeting people just where they are at and then conjuring up a harmonious group process.

She particularly gained my respect at the drumming event with her caring and helpful attention for an older woman who might have been ignored for being culturally out of place. Time flew by quickly at the shamanic practice workshop. I didn’t quite see where we were going, but afterward I was very happy with what I found. I look forward to participating in more of Lauren’s events.

Comments from Nicole Perez:

Lauren is a really gifted teacher and healer. She is very kind and compassionate, and is also incredibly knowledgeable about a diverse range of shamanic techniques and teachings. Lauren has a teaching style that is very accessible to others regardless of their level of experience with shamanic practices. Her courses are very engaging and provide a lot of active participation in class as well as plenty of opportunities to practice the techniques that you are learning so that you can become comfortable with them.

Lauren is also a very empowering teacher and teaches her students how they can access their own Divine guidance to help themselves and others. The other thing that I really respect about Lauren is that she is very accessible to students after the course is over should you have any follow up questions or need help with anything. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Lauren, and look forward to continuing to learn from her in the future!


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What others say about Lauren — 2 Comments

  1. I recently traveled to the Chicagoland area from Georgia so my daughter and I could spend some time with my parents. Just by chance, I happened to see that Lauren was offering a workshop I had was interested in so I reserved my spot. I was a bit apprehensive in that I had never experienced Chicagoland shamanism, and I did not know what to expect.

    As it turned out, I once again found that a teacher I located via Sandra Ingerman’s website and the experience was well beyond what I would have expected. The material present was in a format that was easy to understand and we stepped into the work very quickly. Lauren spread the conversation equally around the group so to speak with each individual in an individual way.

    She knew where we were each coming from, was able to allow us to flow into and out of the specific training of the moment as questions arose. Still, we never lost clear vision of what it was we were doing and received the training completely.

    Lauren is very approachable, authentic, caring, and just what I seek in a shamanic teacher. That said, now I have Chicagoland “midwest shamanism” in my blood and know that out paths will cross again.

    Thank you Lauren, and, for anyone wondering about her services, I have been with many teachers and you/she are right up there near the top of the ones who have widened the path I am already on.

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