Lauren Torres began studying shamanism in 1999. She has studied extensively with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Myron Eshowski, Herb Stevenson and Sandra Ingerman. Her shamanic practice focuses on energy healing - shamanic healing including soul retrieval, integrating shamanic extraction with Reiki, as well as training others in shamanic techniques. Lauren also works shamanically with rocks and crystals, and with ceremonies for healing the earth.

Lauren started EarthBLISS LLC in 2003, which focuses healing the individual and by extension of the living earth. EarthBLISS became an LLC in 2018. She is also the founder of Shaman Links, a website for shamanic information.

Lauren Torres is authorized by Sandra Ingerman to teach: Soul Retrieval, Jouneying, Extraction Healing, Death and Dying, Medicine for the Earth, and Healing with Spiritual Light.  (As listed on Sandra's website.)

Lauren has a Master of Arts degree in Professional Studies from DePaul University in Chicago. Her degree focuses on Shamanic Practice and Hermeneutics (the Art of Interpretation) .  Lauren is also a mechancial engineer in the electronics industry and holds a BSME from U of I at Chicago.

New Developments: I have been studying trauma in particular collective, biases both gender and racial, and DEIB intensively in the past few years.  I think this is critical for being fully present with my clients, and to deepen my knowledge about creating group safety for workshops and other group gatherings.

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Lauren has trained with Sandra Ingerman (author of Soul Retrieval, Welcome Home and A Fall to Grace) in these areas:

  • Teaching: Journeying, Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Death and Dying, Healing with Spiritual Light (2-Year Teaching Training)
  • Extended Program, Foundation For Shamanic Studies (2-Week Advanced Program)
  • Medicine for the Earth Gathering - 5-Day
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Healing with Spiritual Light

Foundation For Shamanic Studies:

  • Shamanic Death & Dying (Myron Eshowski)
  • Shamanic Extraction Healing (Sharon Van Raalte)
  • Divination Training (Bill Burton)

In addition, she has studied with Myron Eshowski, Herb Stevenson, Larry Peters, Betsy Bergstrom and others:

  • Depossession Training with Betsy Bergstrom
  • Shamanic Healing with Rock and Crystals, Basic, Intensive, and Immersion Classes
  • Emergence of the Soul; Stone and Energy Healing
  • Tibetan Shamanism
  • Shamanism and Science
  • South American Shamanism
  • Jewish Shamanism
  • Shamanism and Peacemaking
  • Shamanism and Conflict Resolution
  • Shamanism and the Spirit of Place
  • Shamanism and the Middle World
  • Cougar Medicine
  • Mediumship
  • Trauma Informed Leadership (Thomas Hubl)
  • Ancestral Medicine (Daniel Foor)
  • Ancestral Healing Journey (Thomas Hubl).

Other Qualifications:

Lauren is a Master Reiki practitioner in the Usui System of Healing. She has also been trained in Remo Health Rythyms.

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