I wrote more about journeying in an entry on Shaman Links (www.shamanlinks.net/Journey.htm) but I thought perhaps I should say a bit here.

What is journeying?

From the shamanic viewpoint because your soul is made of energy it can be in more than one place at once.  Part of the soul is free to leave the body and will often do so while dreaming.  To journey you use the rhythm of a drum to help shift your state of mind so that you can journey. With journeying you intentionally use a part of your soul to leave your body and go explore realms of the spirit.  In these places you can find knowledge about the essence of other things, explore in some cases where others have explored before, and look at the world itself from spiritual eyes.

It is the connection that occurs through the work and the fact that journeying imbues the journeyer with sacred energy that makes it worthwhile to people.  Journeying is a direct interaction with the spirit world.  You can use journeying to support personal growth, any religious practice, or any professional practice.  Because you have a direct experience it takes out the middle man and supports goals that are as unique as you are.

Another positive aspect of journeying is that you learn how much is out there supporting and loving you.  There is much support that comes to you through journeying.

Journeying is something that everyone can do, although like anything some will find it fits well with their needs, and others will not be drawn to it.   It is a very powerful tool however, and I believe it’s worth exploring.

A good way to learn is in a workshop.  You can definitely learn on your own, and some will find this easy.  You can use a book such as Sandra Ingerman’s Shamanic Journeying to learn.  You want to get something which includes a drumming CD.  The main advantage of a workshop is that it seems to be easier for people to journey when with a group when they are beginning.

This is posted on my website, so you can go to the schedule page to see what I have scheduled.  There are also workshops posted on www.shamanicteachers.com

Lauren Torres – Lansing, IL
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