I have a few things I am considering putting here.  There are some fictional stories that have come to me that illustrate spiritual and shamanic topics which I may wish to share at some point.  I’m not likely to write these stories out, as I don’t consider myself to be a fiction writer but I may give you the outline and tell you what I learned from them.

I also have ideas that come from movies and stories I’ve seen other people write that I might share.

Finally as my master’s project was in hermeneutics (the art and philosophy of interpretation) I came in the way of information about meaning as it appears in words, writing and communication.

As always many of these articles will have a spiritual bent.



How Metaphors Convey Meaning I think people are used to hearing the word metaphor, but I’m not sure how many people take the time to think about them.  Probably writers do, and maybe people in advertising.  Metaphors are pretty darned useful.  I’m ...
Begs the Question - Unveiled

Begs the Question - Unveiled

Begs the Question Nobody actually knows what this mean. I figure I better write about this somewhere because I keep trying to stick this in other places.  In other words, I’m getting it off my chest.  I will also tell you a little bit about the...


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