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Equality Consciousness – The Spiritual Shift Away From Hierarchy

by Lauren Torres The organizational structure of hierarchy, has been around for thousands of years. As a result, it can be pervasive, and it can be hard to distinguish when it is there. Hierarchy ...

Modern Shamans

by Lauren Torres What are shamans really? Shaman's are healers of both the spiritual and the physical person. Common misconception expects the shaman to come from primitive or tribal societies, with unusual or exotic ...

What Is Stone Healing?

Healing with Stones Healing with Stones When you heal with stones, either a rock or a crystal, you use the stone’s energy to change another person’s energy. Whether that be a person or a ...

What is Self-Reflexivity – Super Powered Reflection for Personal Growth

Self-reflexivity is a way for you to super power your reflective process, and deepen on your path of personal growth. If your asking yourself “what is self-reflexivity?” your are not alone. However, this little ...

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