Taught by Lauren Torres
Date(s): April 19th-22nd
Times: Thursday Evening Through Sunday Noon
Location: The Well, La Grange Park, IL
Price: $290 before February 24th, after $350
Lodging: $200 lodging and meals(7)
I’m offering a deep discount because I wanted to give people a chance to take this class at a lower price.  I also need people to register early so I can give the facility a count.

Class Description:

Transfiguration was an ancient method of performing miracles.  In this class you will learn how to find the divine light within and through your connection to that heal yourself and others.  Working with this is transformative.

Many religious and spiritual traditions talk about the interconnection of life, and having an experience or knowing of that connection.  This workshop has been designed to lead you more easily into such (unitive) experiences.

Participants will be trained how to transfigure, which is a type of inner shifting that brings you into connection with the divine or the all or which ever language refers to this for you.  This work honors all faiths, all individuals, and your connection to yourself and the world.

The four day format gives participants a deeper experience of the work.  Leaving class and returning can disrupt this deepening, so I’ve chosen to make this a residential workshop.


You need to know how to journeying and feel comfortable with journeying before you can take this training.   Look at my schedule or contact me about training in the Chicago area if need to learn or feel you need to brush up on your skills.


The Well (A Center for our sacred unity with God, Earth, and one another) is a good place for this work and are used to hosting classes which include drumming.  There is a forest preserve close by, you can reach it by walking, or drive to the closer parking area with your car.  The building itself is peaceful and has a beautiful court yard.

What to bring:

You must have a rattle or a drum. (You can create a rattle by putting small stones/popping corn or similar in a water bottle.)
Something to cover your eyes while journeying.
A blanket and/or pillow so that you can be comfortable lying on the floor to journey.
A journal/notebook and pen to write down what is taught in the class.
Art supplies for creating a picture or craft object
List of other items needed for your stay will be provided after registration.


Lauren Torres is the founder of Shaman Links,www.shamanlinks.net, a website for shamanic information. In addition to teaching and healing in the Chicago area, she is also a Senior Mechanical Engineer. She has a Master of Arts degree at DePaul University in Chicago, her degree focuses on Shamanic Practice. Visit www.earthbliss.com for more information or click here.  This class is based in the work of Sandra Ingerman, who has authorized by her to teach this class, see www.shamanicteachers.com for more information.

There are both minimum and maximum numbers so the earlier you register the easier it will be for me to establish the final group size.  Please help me by registering as early as you can.
Send Check or MO to Lauren Torres, PO Box 918, Lansing IL 60438.
$290 for early registration, Price $350 after February 24th + Lodging $200. You must send $50 to register.




Food preferences ______________________________________________________

(The Well can accommodate some food preferences, if I tell them early enough.)