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Taught by Lauren Torres
Date(s): October 11th through the 13th, 2013
Time: Friday 7 PM through Sunday 3 PM.
Location: La Grange  Park, IL
Price: $265, or $320 after Sept 15th
Lodging and Meals: $180


Somewhere on the journey from childhood into adult society we loose some of the magic and mystery we had as children.  We no longer see the magic of nature or our imaginations.  Our society does not honor the power of the imagination or intuition.

In this class we will explore the power of creation through shamanic means, learn about creation in ancient myths, and we will both explore and evoke our own creative power.

The powers of creation are at the center of life, by finding these powers within yourself you can learn to put yourself at the center of your own life.  Understanding creation and your creative powers can bring passion and joy into your life.

You must have taken an introductory journey class to take this workshop.  To register, contact Lauren Torres.  Send a deposit (check or money order) and the following information to, Lauren Torres, PO Box 918, Lansing IL 60438.
$265 for early registration, Price $320 after September 24th + Lodging $180. You must send $50 to register.




What to bring:
You must have a rattle or a drum. (You can create a rattle by putting small stones/popping corn or similar in a water bottle.)
Art supplies, including paper, coloring (crayons/markers/pencils) and other art or craft making materials (yarn, found objects, images) as you feel drawn to bring.
Something to cover your eyes while journeying.
A blanket and/or pillow so that you can be comfortable lying on the floor to journey.
A journal/notebook and pen to write down what is taught in the class.