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Taught by Lauren Torres
Date(s): March 19 & 20th, 2016
Time: Saturday 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m., Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
LocationInsight Awareness Center, Homewood, IL
Price: $235

Learn to heal by removing misplaced energy from clients.  Shamanic extraction is powered by a connecting to healing spirit allies.  This makes it a potent healing method for removing blockages, and other energy that is effecting a client.  The shamanic method can be used in a complementary ways to Reiki and other healing methods.

In this workshop, you will be taught to fill your own body with positive energy, which aids in the process of removing stuck energy from the client, and keeps the energy you remove from entering you.  You will be taught how to recognize where energy is stuck, and the process for safely removing it from a client.

This class also raises your awareness of how energy can be stored in the body.  While it will teach you how to heal using shamanic extraction, this awareness can improve how one manages one’s own energy.

What to bring:

  • You must have a rattle. (You can create a rattle by putting small stones/popping corn in a water bottle.)
  • Your may also bring a drum
  • A journal/notebook and pen to write down what is taught in the class.
  • Something to cover your eyes while journeying.
  • A blanket and/or pillow so that you can be comfortable lying on the floor to journey.

Insight Awareness Center
18110 Martin Ave.
Homewood, IL 60430

Driving, Expressway:
You will get to 80/94 and exit at Halsted Street.
Take Halsted South To Ridge Road.  (Intersection has two gas stations and a Fannie May)
Go West or Right on Ridge Road
Proceed until you Pass Lincoln Highway/Rt 30
The next street is Martin, turn Left/South
The entrance in in the front of the building, facing the road.  Although there is some parking in front, there is also a large lot behind the building.


Lauren Torres is the founder of Shaman Links,, a website for shamanic information. In addition to teaching and healing in the Chicago area, she is also a Senior Mechanical Engineer. She has a Master of Arts degree at DePaul University in Chicago, her degree focuses on Shamanic Practice. Visit for more information or click here.   Sandra Ingerman has authorized by her to teach this class, see for more information.


You must have taken an introductory journey class to take this workshop, or know how to journey using the drum.  An two-hour introductory workshop is scheduled at Insight awareness March 9th, and a full day workshop at Joliet Junior College February 27th.  This is a workshop where you will learn to heal others.  To register fill out the form below or contact Lauren Torres.