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Taught by Lauren Torres
Date(s): September 8th (evening) – September 10th (afternoon)
Time: Friday Evening – Sunday early afternoon
Location: Ronora Lodge and Retreat, Watervliet, MI (about 8 miles from Lake Michigan)
Price: $250, workshop includes lodging


Shamans have long worked with death and dying.  In this class you will explore the places that souls can visit after you die, which can be a comforting knowledge to have in life.  You will learn how to move souls that are stuck here (did not cross over) and move them into the light.  You will also learn techniques that can be used to help the non-journeyer connect with the spirit world, a useful technique in many situations but particularly when you are working with the dying or someone who is ill.

Held at a learning center in a beautiful forested retreat center, this is a good time of year to learn about our connection with the other side.

You must have taken an introductory journey class to take this workshop.  To register, contact Lauren Torres.  Send a deposit (check or money order) and the following information to, Lauren Torres, PO Box 918, Lansing IL 60438.