Schedule of Workshops for 2018, Taught by Lauren Torres


jump in the sunShamanic Healer Intensive – 2 Week Residential Course
Taught by Lauren Torres
One week October 2018: Friday October 12 – Friday October 19th
One week April 2019: Friday April 5th – Friday October 12th
Time: Each of the weeks will start on Friday evening, and end the following Friday lunchtime.
Training Includes: Extraction Healing, Soul Retrieval, Death and Dying (psychopomp), Healing with Rocks and Crystals, Simple Depossession, Transfiguration/Divine Light Healing, as well as personal growth techniques for healers.
Location: Watervliet, MI at the lovely Ronora Retreat and Lodge, about 8 miles from Lake Michigan.  Lodging includes a kitchen.
Description: This course is for those who are committed to the path of being a shamanic healer.  The training will cover essential healing techniques such as soul retrieval and shamanic extraction healing.  Psychopomp, and Rock and Crystal healing will be covered, as well as an introduction to Depossession.  The course will show how to integrate the ways of healing and what is required to come from a place of deep integrity.  It is also intended to develop a shamanic community between participants.
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