Taught by Lauren Torres
One week October 2018: Friday October 12 – Friday October 19th
One week April 2019: Friday April 5th – Friday October 12th
Time: Each of the weeks will start on Friday evening, and end the following Friday lunchtime.
LocationRonora Lodge and Retreat, Watervliet, MI (about 8 miles from Lake Michigan)
Cost: $250 deposit to be registered for the class.  Price will include lodging.


Class Description:

This course is for those who are committed to the path of being a shamanic healer.  The training will cover essential healing techniques such as soul retrieval and shamanic extraction healing.  Psychopomp, and Rock and Crystal healing will be covered, as well as an introduction to Depossession.  The course will show how to integrate the ways of healing and what is required to come from a place of deep integrity.  It is also intended to develop a shamanic community between participants.

This two week in this training have been separated, so that the classes are months apart, but the class is designed as a single training program.  You should only sign up, if you intend to take both classes.

Soul Retrieval:

Soul Retrieval is an ancient shamanic technique in which the shamanic practitioner retrieves lost parts of the client’s soul and returns them to that person for his or her healing and empowerment. Click here to read more about soul retrieval. Soul retrieval is a useful method for practitioners because it can address depression, inability to move forward, feelings of not being present, as well as health issues. The return of one’s soul can break patterns, open oneself to more choice, bring more enthusiasm into life, and give greater feelings of wholeness and a sense of well being.

Shamanic Extraction:

Learn to heal by removing misplaced energy from clients.  Shamanic extraction is powered by a connecting to healing spirit allies.  This makes it a potent healing method for removing blockages, and other energy that is effecting a client.  The shamanic method can be used in a complementary ways to Reiki and other healing methods.

Death and Dying

Shamanic healing begins with your relationship to death.  A shamanic healer stands in the place where life and death meet.  They are a mediator between the created world and the spirit world, and form a bridge that allows healing energy to flow through them to the client.  We will cover the healing work that is involved with death, such as helping people cross over, working with people who are dying.  We will also open our understanding of death, so that we can be more present in our healing work.

Healing with Rocks and Crystals

I have been working with healing using rocks and crystals, almost since the beginning of my healing work.  Rocks and crystals are an excellent way of creating sacred space, bringing in different healing energies, grounding yourself and your clients.  To understand how to use rocks in the tradition I was trained in, you must come to know the stone at a deeper level.  This work will be spread throughout the training.


Many people have some form of spirit attached to them.  Whether its a portion form someone else’s soul, a lost soul that we have given shelter too, or a soul who has resonated with some issue in our past.  Its important to be aware of this, because it can change the way you go about removing such energy.  You will be taught a simple depossession method, that can address many of the energies you may encounter.  There will also be a demonstration of a method taught by Betsy Bergstrom. If this turns out to be an important part of your work, you may wish to pursue further training with her method.

Healing with Spiritual Light

Healing from divine light or transfiguration healing is a very powerful way of healing.  In many ways, a very different modality from the other traditional shamanic healing ways, this is the path of miracle healing.

Other Elements

The class will also cover other important elements that are required for powerful healing work.  The importance of working with the land, in shamanic work.  Creating sacred space in healing work, to provide powerful healing.  Personal techniques of self-growth, that are essential to stay balanced.  We will learn elements of working with the shadow, and discuss the importance of being self aware.


You must have taken an introduction to journeying class before you can take this training.  Those trained primarily in South American shamanism, even if extensively trained, will need to take a intro class for the type of journey we will be using in this training.   Contact Lauren Torres as soon as possible, to schedule or locate a class: www.earthbliss.com or email earthbliss@hotmail.com

All participants should be confident with their journey skills and be successfully at contacting their teachers and/or power animals in non-ordinary reality. THERE IS AN APPLICATION PROCESS FOR THIS TRAINING.

This class is not for personal healing purposes. This is class is for people who wish to investigate how to become healers in a deep and integrated way.  It is not necessary that you use the word shamanic healer for your healing work, but you should be committed to learning what is covered in this class.  It is expected that your healing work will be unique to you, and that you will integrate what you learn into your work, in your own way.  By signing up, you are saying you are committed to showing up for the work, and supporting your fellow healers in the class, as we learn together.

It is not necessary that you have any prior experience with healing, but prior experience can be helpful.  This training could seem intense to those who have no prior experience with energetic healing of some kind.  However, that should not stop you, if this is an opportunity for you to follow a calling to do healing work.

If you have already covered some of the material in other classes, this will be an opportunity to deepen in your work, and it is possible you will hear something you did not hear before, now that you have experience with that healing modality.

You need to already have had introductory shamanic classes, and feel comfortable with journeying.  Look at my schedule or contact me about training in the Chicago area if you who feel you need to brush up on your skills.


Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center is a beautiful location for this work.  The land and facilities are well kept, and the love of the owners for the land is reflected in the peacefulness there.  There are woods, with trails and a pond to explore on class breaks.
Coming from Chicago, the retreat center is off I-94, just 88 miles after you pass the Illinois border, after St. Joe but before Paw Paw Lake.  The accommodations are comfortable, two to three beds in a room.  We will be in the main lodge.

What to bring:

You must have a rattle or a drum. (You can create a rattle by putting small stones/popping corn or similar in a water bottle.)
A journal/notebook and pen to write down what is taught in the class.
Something to cover your eyes while journeying.
A blanket and/or pillow so that you can be comfortable lying on the floor to journey.
Art supplies, such as crayons and paper.
List of other items needed for your stay will be provided after registration.


Lauren Torres is the founder of Shaman Links, www.shamanlinks.net, a website for shamanic information. In addition to teaching and healing in the Chicago area, she is also a Senior Mechanical Engineer. She has a Master of Arts degree at DePaul University in Chicago, her degree focuses on Shamanic Practice. Visit www.earthbliss.com for more information or click here. Lauren has been trained and authorized by Sandra Ingerman to teach the individual classes that will be covered in this training (Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Healing with Spiritual Light, and Death and Dying,) see www.shamanicteachers.com for more information.


Online Application form will be added soon.

Price of the workshop is TBD.  The current estimate is $1200 for each week of the class (8 days), including lodging.  This will allow the class to go forward with 4 students.  The class size is intended to be small, and will be capped at 10 people.