I am a shamanic healer who uses the spiritual healing methods of the shaman to accomplish energetic healing for you.

My healing sessions are a major tune up. I try to accomplish all the healing that can be done in a single session. I am able to remove and return large amounts of energy because of the way I work, as I will describe. The more open you are to letting go of what you don’t need, and truly allowing new things in, the more that can be done for you by myself and the spirits who help me with the healing.

(Note: Been using zoom or the phone for healing sessions during the pandemic. I live with my mom who is in a high risk group. Hopefully I can resume in person healings sometime in 2021.)

During The Session:

I Remove Energy That is Blocking You Or Keeping You Stuck, whatever the source may beI Return the Energy that You’re Missing, including Soul Retrieval, past life energy, and ancestral giftsI will attune your chakras, and rework your underlying energy connections for you as well.There is also time to talk before and after the session, not only to get your questions answered, but to share any information I am given for you from the spirit world.

During my session, I also do a certain amount of coaching and mentoring.  For so many that come to see me, I am the only person in their circle or one of the few they can talk with about deep spiritual work.  I also offer separate spiritual mentorship calls, so that you can get some of that support and conversation without me, outside of a healing session.

My Approach

I design the way I do healing so that major shifts in healing are “delivered” over time after the healing. Therefore you may not be able to see the full impact of the healing unless you take the time to reflect 3 or 6 months after the healing, and notice how much your life has shifted.  Many will feel different after the healing, but I try to avoid my clients leaving with a feeling that so much has changed energy, that you can’t cope with such a big shift.  I usually explain that you can think of the healing like a flow of a river, which will deliver its gifts to you over time.

Usually, during the healing, I will not perceive what it is that I’m removing.  I don’t see anything because that way I can slip in and remove it without “waking it up”.  When doing energy work, it takes a great deal of healing energy to shift the things that are stuck and make them conscious.  Once stuck energy is conscious and active, it then takes a great deal more to healing energy to remove it.  By working below that conscious level, I am able to slip into the layer where the energy is and remove it without making it conscious.  In this way I can remove large amounts of energy, without the client feeling a tremendous strain on their body.  

Who Do I Work With?

I can work with any who feels they need shamanic healing. Most of my clients come to me because they’ve been doing their own healing and personal growth work, and they know they have stalled or become stuck.  They can’t think of what else they might need to do in order to move forward. 

They find my website, and instinctively know this is what they need to keep moving forward.  Some will only need to see me one time, others will decided they need more help 6 months, a year, or even a few years later.  Healing with me is an opportunity to help you initiate a major shift that will take place over time.  That shift will be in your hands.  I lay the energetic foundation for you to move forward more easily and make those changes you have been hoping for in your life.

For some, my hours or my healing style are not a good fit.  I am always happy to try and connection with another good healer in our area.