Shamanic practice which removes energy blocks from the body, and helps with balance and problem areas such as old injuries and chronic pain.  What is removed is not limited to what is found in the physical body, blockages are removed at the source, which can include past lives or energy stored in deeper levels of the spirit.  This is a type of energy healing.

Soul Retrieval

An ancient practice, part of shamanism.  The shaman believes that we become separated from parts of our soul due to trauma or great loss. It is a mechanism to protect our soul from trauma.  People who feel that they “haven’t been the same since…” or “I feel like I loss part of myself when…” would be suspected by the shamanic practitioner to have symptoms of soul loss.  The return of the soul part returns your essential energy, and restores you to a more empowered state.

The return of your soul can help you feel more fully present, allow you to access issues which you were blocked from working on, and give you more power to draw on in your daily life.

Soul Retrieval will require a preliminary consultation either over the phone or in person.

Healing with stones and crystals

Stones and crystals can be used with Reiki treatments, or as a healing itself.  The stones can be used by laying the stone’s on an individual’s body for healing, or can be used to clean the room, or create sacred space for a healing.  Great for connecting with the loving energy that is rocks and crystals.

Lauren brings stones and crystals to most of her healing sessions.

Power Retrieval

There are many sources of energy available to increase one’s personal power.  A shamanic method is to retrieve an animal guide, who will serve as a guardian or teacher, similar to a guardian angel.  This power animal retrieval has worked well for people experiencing a run of “bad luck.”  As well as when one feels stuck moving forward on an issue.

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