What is it?

 When you heal with a rock or a crystal you use the stone’s energy to change a person’s energy.  Whether that be a person or a room, or another object, certain stones convert energy by cleaning it or changing it to a more positive form.  If a person is sensitive and can perceive the effects they may sense a shift in their emotions or physical state (such as becoming calmer or more energized), some feel the effects like a buzzing or a calming sensation within their body.  If you can think of a person who tends to calm or excite others with his or her presence, that would give you a sense of how a rock could effect you.

How does it work?

A healer can use a stone to heal you by sending healing energy through the stone to you, allowing the stone to convert that healing energy to something that increases the effects of the healing energy.  Or the healer can lay the stones on parts of your body and allow the stone to shift the energy or your body in that area to a healthier state.

This second method is similar to the principal of two pendulums.  When two pendulums are swinging side by side out of synh with one another, they will eventually shift so that they are swinging together in sync.  In the stone healing method the energy of that part of your body will shift to be in accord with the energy of the stone. And the healer may help that along by performing energy work.

In a shamanic practice, everything is acknowledged as being alive.  However you want to interpret this, within this idea is the fact that shamans have respect for all things, and acknowledge that every object has some type of effect on an individual.  Using certain objects a shaman can effect your health positively.  Since the earliest stages of humankind stones have been used to create positive and healing effects on an individual.

For the more Scientifically Minded

 While there are no scientifically proven reasons (none currently well established) for why rocks could effect some one’s health, the idea is not as far fetched as the more analytical person might think.

It is a scientific fact that we all emit energy, usually this is called radiation.  It is a fact that each object on the earth emits this energy, rocks and crystals as well.  It is also known by science that when energy passes through rocks or crystals the object changes the energy.  Light is energy and what passes through the other side of a crystal has been changed.  Quartz are used in a wide variety of electrical applications, such as in watches (quartz movement) and in your computer (called semiconductors) – because of its great ability to effect the energy we call electricity.  So the idea that a rock could change energy is present in science.

As for the energy that a person emits, it has been shown scientifically that we emit different energy depending on what we are doing.  There have been studies that show different energy or frequency coming off the brain depending on whether we are studying or doing something very active.  (Called brain waves.)  Slower when we study, faster when we are being active. So perhaps we have underestimated the effect of our emotional and mental states on the radiation (energy) we emit.

The other bit of science is that energy of one speed (frequency) will often effect energy of another speed by combining to make energy of a new speed.  So if a stone is emitting energy of a certain frequency and the stone filters/changes the frequency that we are emitting, it is conceivable that those changes could effect our own body.  Perhaps putting our whole system/body in a more relaxed state because it is now resonating with a energy that is healthier.

We know from medicine that an individual’s state of mind is considered crucial to recovery and healing.  So if there are more healthy frequencies for our body, and we can shift to those frequencies through the use of stone healing – then it is conceivable that we could become healthier through the use of these stones.  It is something to think about, and suggests that science does not necessarily contradict the idea that a stone could improve someone’s health.

Why do some people seem to be able to sense the energy of stones

I have heard many people talk about feeling stones energies, and many people say what the heck, I’ve don’t feel anything…

Just the way once you are familiar with a loved ones voice you can now pick their voice out of a crowd of people.  You can tune into the energy of rocks and crystals.  Initially the sensations will be faint.  Once it is recognized the sense can be sharpened, until it comes through very clearly.  Like eyes that are adjusting to the dark we begin to perceive energy more clearly.

Often times, because we as a society tend to be dismissive about sensing energy we never develop these senses.

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