Soul Retrieval is an ancient shamanic technique in which the shamanic practitioner retrieves lost parts of the client’s soul and returns them to that person for his or her healing and empowerment. Soul retrieval is a useful method for practitioners because it can address depression, inability to move forward, feelings of not being present, as well as health issues. The return of one’s soul can break patterns, open oneself to more choice, bring more enthusiasm into life, and give greater feelings of wholeness and a sense of well being.

Participants will be trained how to work with the issue of soul loss, explore causes of soul loss, learn how to track a client’s soul and return it, as well as learn how to work with life after soul retrieval. Participants will perform a soul retrieval, as well as receive one. You will be given training to help with client’s integration process after a soul retrieval through journey work, ritual, and ceremony.

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