There’s plenty of talk about finding your light, and being fully present but how do you go about doing that?  How do you align yourself with the divine?  You are already that which you wish to become, but if so why does it seem so hard to make the change to a new way of being?  Transfiguration is a powerful way of making these changes.

Transfiguration has a rich history.  While most of this history can be found in Christian tradition concerning Jesus’s transfiguration, there is also a basis for this technique in alchemy as well as other stories of its healing power.  (It is referred to as apotheosis in Dan Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol.) When you learn this technique and begin to employ it, your life can begin shift positively without putting conscious effort into changes.  The technique can be used in the healing of others, for personal change, or to help heal the environment.

Transfiguration is the act of bringing the highest part of your being into full presence, as well as evoking divine presence.  There are various techniques to achieve this state, so this class can be taught with or without journeying as required.  While this class will not have a Christian focus, we will discuss the Apothatic (Group within Christianity) point of view that it was the ultimate goal of Christian/Jesus’s teaching.

Underlying this workshop is the philosophy that its not what you do (doing), but who you are (being) that changes the world.